omg. i knew it would happen one day. one day i would miss a whole month and not post anything on my blog. and it happened last month. the month i turned 33. sorrow!!! lament!!! frustration!!! rapture!!! release!!! freedom!!! way too much to write. lets just make a recap for posterity. since the last post april 27: may 1. my birthday. hmmm. how to funny cos on my wall calendar the whole month is fairly blank as well. the historical accounts of that month of may are scattered in the ether. that all aside, i feel better. i feel better and opened up, loosed my focus. lots of things have happened as a result. id say they were mostly internal but some external manifestations occur on the daily. best yet: iyl goes montreal. this friday ill be on the road to montreal for a 2 day fair as part of the POP Montreal music festival... The craft event is called Puces Pop and will held at 5035 Saint Dominique Street cor Saint Joseph in the Mount Royal area, Montreal. been trying to get into this fair for a while now. and itll be a good chance for me to find some shops in montreal. i have a shop a very nice lady recommended me at a fair once and could check it out. man i hope i can make some cash though so i can stay for a couple days extra and explore a bit. would be nice if i could but will see. right now im midst planning stage of sewing items. patterns and fabric selections ill be making a bunch of zip pouches first. ok next post will be the fair poster!!!!

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