Alkaline Diet

id like to take this moment in time to share my experience of eating alkaline forming foods and the effect it has on clearing my sinuses. ikr gross. but seriously.

ok so i have horrible allergies and sinus problems. i have sleep apnea and snore and get really congested and am always sniffly and if i get a cold or cough that i dont treat immediately itll turn into bronchitis, which has in the past, turned to pneumonia!! i get fungal skin allergies and once went into anaphylactic shock from eating raw-ish walnuts. i loved walnuts!

but somehow i thought i had an unbalanced ph and needed to alkaline my diet. so i went on a fast and ate only alkaline forming foods. well mostly only. for about a month. and it helped me lose weight and save hella money and it cleared up my sinuses and general malady regarding allergens affecting me so much that they linger and cause further problems.


so all was good till christmas time. the feast. all that white flour and beef and sugar. then i kind of got lazy and was eating a lot of naan again (its sooo yummy) and did many other things that i am certain raised the acidity of my body.  my sinus got totally clogged again and i was kind of bummed. i started up eating mostly only alkaline forming foods building up to last night i ate:
2 roasted yams (oven 1.5 hours at 350) -mashed with butter, sea salt and pepper
1 small onion cooked in butter and pepper- with one cup frozen green peas.
plus drinking apple cider vinegar water again (which i stopped doing for some reason)
and with that, just today got fully back on track and my sinuses cleared up again, like fully.

its so amazing. im pretty stoked.

so this is the list of foods ive been using. i printed out the whole thing and its just by the kitchen at all times :)

this is about our bodys' ph level

cheers to good health!

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