so christmas is over.
just waiting for the new year.
:taps fingers on desk:

had a lovely so delicious christmas dinner with my two talented cousins... kristine made some kind of amazingly tender french beef pot roast marinaded and cooked in red wine and fresh herbs then the insanity of a gravy, biscuits, salad... ate karen made yummy brussel sprouts with bacon and pine nuts and i brought roasted mashed yams with pecans and an apple pie. white wine and the best egg nogg ever ?? ate karens chef friend or sumting. everything from scratch. so good....

meanwhile as usual there is a depressing aspect to my post.
apparently when i was getting my computer fixed i failed to specify the kodak pictures folder so its gone. apparently alvaro has a back up of some kind of pictures folder from my old computer but its from before we got together. so basically, every single thing ive made and taken a picture of since 2008 is now irretrievably lost. can we get a loud FML y'all??
ok yipee!!! im skyping with alvaroonie right now and he says he has most of the pics till like late 2010. so its just this years pics gone. shitake mushrooms but still, ok. :breathes a bit more easily:

yes. serious suckage.
that plus the missing wallet + government issued id's, re-broken tooth, sore throat infection, deported husband, lack of effort due to depression from the past 3 months = no money for jan/feb = nicole silently dies.

hopefully i will find some semblance of something good in the new year. its coming up......

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