paypal just told me that the money i withdraw from my paypal goes through the federal reserve before it gets to my bank. thats where the money goes while its in that limbo stage between paypal and the bank.
isnt that crazy? i was just stunned kinda. the federal reserve? youre kidding me right? so my bank doesnt know where the money is till it gets there, and paypal doesnt know where it is when they withdraw it because its going through the federal reserve.
just absurd! so if the federal reserve crashes the same time i withdraw paypal money, ill never get that money. right? why cant it just go person to person, paypal to bank? which is what i thought it was doing.

procrastinating aside, i have come up with a new design which kills me cos its so darn cute and ive been making them with different colorways and themes.
ive been slow the past month and a half cos ive been devastated about the whole alvaro thing. its really hard to cope with the preoccupied notion of him being detained. so hard to focus on work but its christmas time shopping now and the pressure i put on myself is so great cos there is actual demand. geez louise.
im pretty stoked on this new design though. i hope it sells. unlike my ill fated tools necklace design which i was so in love with and made tonnes of but i think i only sold like 2. so sad. but this ones really good its got beads and a cameo and charms omg its so cute.

back to work. i just checked my bank balance and my moneys in from the federal reserve!

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