ugh i havent been written a new post in ages. at all at all.

so lots of things have happened to me. im going to list them in order of importance or occupancy of mind.

1. fungus gnat infestation out on the balcony caused by my neighbor (we share a balcony)
hundreds and thousands of them all over the ceiling, window screens and any surface. spiders are taking advantage of all this free food so there are new spiderwebs daily, all covered with these tiny black bugs.. its freaking gross.

2. new stores in toronto!!!!! girl friday, miracle theives and the george brown fashion college store.

3. manifesto festival coming up this weekend!

4. got into got craft woohoo! now just need to hustle and get my tickets to vancouver plus pay for the table by the 23rd (about $700 total)(yikes)

5. constantly listing new items in my online shop. have you checked it out recently?

6. new IYL logo by christine mangosing!!

7. working on a wholesale/mega catalog for international store orders (just in case)

8. WIND mobile internet stick sucks because the guy at the store failed to mention it is not compatible with macs at all (despite me telling him, i dont have windows, im on a mac) (i dont think he knows what a mac is)

9. hmm. i think the wind mobile store is open now its 10am so im gonna go get my money back.


10. ok so i went to wind mobile and the guy said right away "mac right? " how disappointing. it would have been so easy to place the blame on misinformation. but i guess wind mobile doesnt work that well cos its new. ideally, an internet stick would be fantastic. right now im stealing wifi from someones not set up yet wifi. i love these open wlans. anyway back to wind. so i get there at at 10.27 and they are closed. it says they open at 11. i look at my clock and think should i wait? then the guy comes! and im so glad i dont have to wait or come back. so we chat very briefly that it doesnt work and some wind guy on the phone last night said he would write some stuff down on my account page so i could get a refund. the wind store guy tells me wait a bit, let me open and goes inside and locks the door behind him. and doesnt come out anymore for 12 minutes, so i knock and ask him should i come back and he says wait. he didnt really look like he was gonna unlock the door till 11 so i left. ill go back later when i do shipping. mm.

11. finishing my new inventory for wilde and sparrow today! ill be shipping it later today yipee!

12. studio brillantine on queen. SB. i wanna actually go inside and look at all the cute shit. its always closed when i pass by at odd hours. i just checked the links out and they have alessi stuff which ive heard of off an old friend paolo in new york who works there (till now?) so im pretty stoked to check it out and see some of what pao paos been looking at all these years.

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