ok so were really gonna hustle and get all the best pieces online this coming week... lets make a mean. starting monday. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 items listed a day, each day. also, amount of new stores id have went to see if theyd like to carry our shiz! ok maybe not 13 in one day thats a bit much for biking around. can you image?? hah! me, all sweaty and out of breath, loopy from biking so fast -i do have to get to 13 in a day.. HI! flustered from all the different scenes i just saw(in my head!)... Do you want my stuff?! spills out inventory on table while heaving, quietly, but sill... gawd im such a dork!!! Ok so unlimitlessness aside, we are going camping today! and sunday. gaby will be manning the last weekend. actually i need to hustle and make more stuff to bring to her before i go. just in case. but seriously i have been making lots of great new stuff. with oxidizing alvaro came up with boiling the brass charms in detergent and a baking soda scub. they turn out so good now..
anyway next week 15-19 MAJOR SHOP UPDATE TIME YIPEE! i tries to cheer me self up... this is gonna be awesome so good nicole, so good!!!hey that kind of works. even in editing mode.
oh shit! i just remembered my freaking LCD screen broke again!!!! like days ago. I think i stepped on it or something. I need to get another one on ebay. I will borrow someone elses camera... damnit!!!! ok fibonacci it is!!!!!
happy camping to me.... i havent slept outdoors in years.....

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