i hate em

edit: *i found an excellent way to rid your balcony of pigeons! all day till its night time. by then they have found somewhere else to roost for the night...

shiny foil plastic happy birthday banner at the dollar store, cut it into long strips about 1 cm thick and about 15-20 inches long. we tied and taped the bundles of strips on the balcony rails. when the sun and wind hit the streamers the pigeons hate it and they stay away!!!! YAY!!!! but damn is it ever so ugly.... we also bought 3 disco balls but have yet to attach them to hang from the balcony ceiling. the shine and light movement is what the pigeons dont like!

seriously!! these flying rats should be renamed to something more horrific. like disease carriers or nuisance.

i smoked all my cigs last night. damn. ok i will go to the store and when i come back i will post all this shit that you might be interested in. or i could just rant and rave about how much i hate the pigeons on my balcony.

ok back now. saw the super outside and asked him to install our range hood (for money cos it is his day off)
and went on to the balcony and lo! the pigeons. threw water at them.

im refinishing some furniture today. or at least trying. peeling paint off (i swaer they used acrylic) off a low table and trying to strip paint off a mid century modern dining chair- that was painted black. right over the teak wood!! wtf why would they do this. needless to say i am sweaty and frustrated. how do you use paint stripper? ok so its coming off but how do i actually get it off the chair? the scraper doesnt scrap much then its full of gooey paint

omg these fucking pigeons i am buying a fucking bb gun!!!!!!!!
im inside right so balcony door is open... i hear some cooing and peek outside- no pigeons. i step onto the balcony and move the door and BOOM they coo and come flying out from right beside the door!! freaked me right out!! i have a high startle response so this is no good. these fucking birds will give me a heart attack one day. i am going to buy the strongest most evil bb gun. oh yes i will. (ok maybe a water gun) (and fill it with pigeon melting acid!!!!)

its pigeons vs. nicoles peace of mind.
at one end of the balcony, pigeons. cooing flapping and pooping.
on the opposite side, nicole, fuming, nerves a wreck and hyperventilating from all the perceived catchable diseases and future poop clean up and inevitable stepping on.
in the middle: unfinished refinishing furniture project.

gawd i didnt realize having more days off to unwind could be so stressful.


excuse me, whats the problem here?

what about you cant hear all the words i say
if you listen up you can hear me all day
all i ever talk about is keeping fresh way
keeping my sway
keeping my A A A A

ok so feeling waay better now. gah. some other stress throughout the day but otherwise all ok. i have such a nice desk now and that might have helped.
sort of semi gave up the paint stripping. half of one leg and most of the back and i need more stripper. maybe just sand it and oil. i dunno.its soo nice under the paint though. the wood grain and color is soo beautiful and wooden pegs to attach the back rest. oh well there must be thousands more unpainted, out there.

the desk i got is so nice! ive never had such a nice desk before. it will organize me cos it has a proper filing drawer. yay!! printer and camera dock right on there. fits nicely with the excellent plush brown faux leather and chrome office chair we found the other day. and the chrome lamp but it has no shade :P

will post a pic when its all ready!!!


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