mid century modern desk, chairs and lamp

my new desk! the drawer handles are painted brassy gold but they are chrome underneath. found the chair the other day and scrubbed it with vim. the chair is hiding the desks best feature- a legal sized filing drawer! would like to find a suitable lamp shade for the lamp! found it too :D yay free stuff! the desk i bought though.

here are two lovely chairs alvaro found and scrubbed down the other other day. would like a matching table for them! hope to find one at some point. i would like a formica top with strip of aluminum around the edges with curved corners. dont know what they are called.


so i was looking at the photo and thought man my printer is really ugly.
its not so bad in real life though cos i guess im used to it. but the color is really drab and dead.. so not long after taking these pics we went to the dollar store and when we came back i did this. pa dah!!!

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