man its hot. i feel like im in the philippines. part of the atmosphere. heat induced laze.

im uploading some pics on the facebook album. of the imelda show last month and till now.

fairs in toronto!!!
so the manifesto festival is coming up this september and i will be in the freshest goods market! it will be the first fair its your life has gotten into in toronto!! woohoo yay freshest goods!!
and that is all the fairs news for now.
i have applied to other fairs and hope to get in them and find more!
yikes. i am sooo disorganized. we have some furniture now like a sofa. oh no!! its soo comfy. what my space needs is to get some shelves and another table..
going to move my studio here at home cos it is way too hot in the day to work at the shop!
alvaroo (sitting beside me on the sofa)(looking at his computer phone) mutters: "It's already 33° and its only 10:30 in the morning" gets up in a huff and takes a shower...

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