totally packed my sewing box earlier, and cleaned/emptied/tidied the sewing area. swept the floor in the garage a bit, i havent done so in a few months- havent been using the garage at all anymore for months now since my sewing machine broke. i swear im the only person to sweep the floor down there :S was a little dismayed at the lack of upkeep of the common area but my sewing area was pretty messy. looks much better now and id feel better if my clean laundry accidentally fell to the ground. i put the serger in its box in a larger box. the serger is missing its tray and tools though tsk tsk thats what i get for leaving it in the common closet. replacement accessories are pretty easy to find though. i reduced my fabric drastically but i couldnt figure out how to throw away these little bits of printed fabric, ended up packing them all :P they are after all a source of inspiration in their cuteness :D so my sewing box is full but i havent packed my patterns. there are a few boxes of sewing supplies and fabric left over which i mean to sell by donation. will see how that pans out. im aiming for may 5. got rid of a huge bag of my old or i dont what them shoes, a large overflowing box of jackets, mostly shirts and some bottoms. gawd i have a lot of crap but its all meaningful to me ;P threw away all my old underwear, though ill admit i did think for a second, i wonder if can sell these used up things to weirdo men. i found all these old nice drawings, a totally moldy notebook with insane writing from when i was 23 and all kinds of freaky photos and mementos. the oldest mementos are the hardest to get rid of. do i really need to keep them? yes i do. i have an old mcdonalds happy meal lunch box from when i was a kid with random items throughout my life. the oldest one might be a hasbro name tag with my very young child handwriting an old address from san mateo. there are some things i dont even remember anymore from when or where i got them but i still have them cos i remember looking at them for so many years now. having tactile reminders of your past daily life is pretty awesome. specially for me cos i have terrible memory and manage to erase anything past that doesnt continue on to the future. i had feelings i dont remember feeling, and thought patterns i dont remember having. there is proof. photos. man i gotta get on printing some of these digital ones out. seriously. the old ones are amazing and alive but the digital ones are quickly buried and forgotten. found out from my cousin that a familial compound is going to be moved out of and left almost empty. i have some photos of the sta. mesa compound with my cousin, on a contact sheet. but i havent actually printed out the photos. kind of time capsule-y scary. its an undeveloped capture of a past era. times change and what not. theres a couple of photos of a grandmothers house before she passed on. the photos are looking in from the windows. yeah im totally going to print these out before i leave van. so its getting late and im getting sleepy again. tomorrow ive got some late (yesterday) shipping to do, bringing inventory to virgin marys, tidy up more, take pics of furniture i should to try and sell :( and thats a lot already for now. zzzzzz oh wait. and take pics of the huge collection of paper ephemera from simon to sell to this guy i found in the flea market that deals in historical research and buys and sells significant old paper! perfect. i keep forgetting though and better get on it before i lose his card.

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