last time i made an update post it worked so ima try again.
im turning 32. so old na.
ive put some boxes in a box, all shoes. so this is what i want to accomplish today
fill box with essential clothes
fill sewing supplies box with serger in box, figure out how to properly put dressform in box.
and that is all for now.
10:25 am pilates.
11:20 am drink water, 10 min rest
11:30 am work in garage on sewing supplies box shower
11:51 am make eggs for brunch
12:45 pm pack sewing box ok goooooo
ok its 12:44 and ive done some stuff. in the garage now and annoyed. its totally filled with other peoples left over dirty crap. im going to finish up the sewing box. had to clean the area cos it was so dirty. hmm. im getting really annoyed. maybe i should go upstairs for now.
12:57 pm gawd im awfully grumpy right now. the pilates lifted my mood til i noticed all the crap in the garage. all the spaces we washed and scrubbed, mopped and swept, cleared out and organized. all gone, messy, filled with an old carpet inconsiderately placed, broken furniture, broken couch, broken recliner, pieces of wood?, other used carpets, boxes of random junk (i have one of these but its in my area now :P ) oh and a large hippie couch frame. moved upstairs and will work on my clothing and personal items box instead. ok. please go do this now nicole.
6:48 pm wow lots done. not so much on the updating though. packed my box, unpacked my box, packed my suitcase and got rid of lots of stuff. so im off to finish packing my suitcase.

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