craft fairs and moving across country on da brain x100000000000000000000000000000

got all my supplies the week of the fair!! made an insane amount of stuff!! also, made some money.

though, still would have preferred to get the stuff early and take my time designing new styles.

the BLIM communty market is happening this Sunday the 24th at the heritage hall on main. then Got Craft on May 8 at the royal canadian legion on commercial.

then i move to toronto on the 10th!!!! omg. as you might have guessed if i had asked aloud, i have not packed anything yet. gleep.
but already ive been invited to clothing swap/sale in t.o. so should i bring some of the gear i thought i should toss? or should i bring it and trade/sell it over there? i dunno.
what i do know is that i need to buy boxes and cracking on packing. but also, i need/want to fill all the stores im keeping in vancouver with as much stock as i can possibly make before i go.

that plus closing accounts, changing addresses and finalizing whatever loose ends that need to tied. taxes? yez. i want more government issued cheques.

been waking up early since a few weeks before the make it fair. got into the habit of doing so cos freaking out all night about not having supplies woke me up very early. so now ive been up and at em at around 8, daily. who knew the day could go so long and night so short. being an old lady means beddie bye bye time at 11. not 4.

yup. off to start the day.

ps. did i really fail to promote the make it fair on my blog? :shootsfoot:

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