omg everything ordered from march 16 is STILL NOT HERE
just checked some tracking numbers. almost all of them DONT WORK and then the one that does work says they shipped my order on the 29th. I ORDERED IT ON THE 17th.
12 DAYS TO SHIP? grrrrrrr.....
just wanna make some stuff. and avoid thinking about packing for the move or how messy my room is. gosh why cant these people get that?! sheesh. these people should be mind readers. i just dont get it :shrugs: :whistles: just spent 200 bucks on a fast tracked order from seattle. got waaay too impatient there. just watch and see sods law and ill get all my packages tomorrow ;D

oh yeah. i guess people read my blog. hi ladies (waves at screen) some of you mentioned that you did at the blim market. cool! hopefully you dont take what i type off too seriously cos i dont (too forgetful)

but i do have some news....

so im moving to toronto right, well, im going to have a store over there! a real live brick and mortar shop!

ive told some people but i havent told my blog. yikes! isnt that exciting? im going to be where pretty freedom is now cos they are moving next door.
speaking of which, check out this post of theirs about the new stuff they recently got:

yup. that was the big news i forgot to mention in my last 'news' post. DUH!!

ok im going to try and get some stuff done even without any sign of my supplies arriving before the fairs. (cries)

 oh yeah
double duhz

Im in a new shop!!!! YEZ In Vancouver Island, in Parksville.
Called Wilde and Sparrow!
its still under re-construction but it looks like its coming along really well and the owner lady is super nice and friendly plus her name is shira as in She-Ra.

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  1. thanks for the lovely parting gift <3

    good luck in Toronto