its march!

i forgot to post about the blim market last sunday. ooops. ill do better for this next one coming up.

im moving to toronto in may! omg. i have so much to do still. i cant wait! ill feel sad alvaro cant come right away and ill miss him dearly. but i will be glad to live with people i like and admire!

this week im restocking the goods, pretty freedom, dream and virgin marys and i will also be sending stuff out to new zealand. i hope its your life finds a home in one of the lovely stores in that part of the world. been meaning to send stuff out there for about 6 months now!!

ugh. ok so im going back to work. trying to clean my room and declutter my work area. it never happens properly then it gets all messy again. alvaro playing heavy metal music full blast isnt helping...better go ask him to turn it down.

marked some stuff in my dawanda shop down 20% ! 

ive added these two new designs to my etsy and dawanda... should also add them to my shop. duh ;D

took a bunch of pics yesterday and will slowly add them online between making inventories...


  1. Muy lindos los 2. Feliz semana. Besos.

  2. I love that owl pendant! So pretty!
    Good luck with your move!

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