but you pay shipping.
($2 canada, $3 u.s., $5 international)
the prizes so far are:
a mini messenger bag with vintage sailboat fabric flap and amazing lining
2 pouches (a green tree pouch and a creamy strange character print pouch)
3 resin and ball chain pendant necklaces (woman with deer, little red riding hood and a bird in a cute bird frame)
a large envelope necklace with vintage chain
an asymmetrical brass rose necklace
a black rose cameo necklace with bead chain
a large vintage black rose necklace wtih smoky quartz bead chain and silver links

ya! so im moving to toronto on may 10.
so way before then (like now) i will be getting rid of all my stuff and yikes that is soo daunting.
i have so many things ive made that never made it online or to a craft fair. so i have decided to give them away! to you!
there are lots of necklaces, earrings, pendants and some bags (which im wondering about the shipping)
i need to come with a contest or something though. or comments? i could do like, you comment and comment and comment and ill choose random comment numbers. how bout 3 comments per person? to maximize chances of winning.

yes. need to take pics though. i have a lot of destash supplies ive set aside for picture taking as well. and i made a bunch of bird cameos last night for etsy.

ok ill try my best to get some semblance of work done today... check back for pics and contest details. please go ahead and start commenting! even if its just to say hi. also please leave some form of contact (be it a link back or an email)


  1. I am excited for the owl necklace to arrive and I love free stuff. I guess this is a pretty random comment, but hope it counts as an entry and I think I am the first!

  2. yay for moving! changes are good, right? something good must end, so something better can start!
    yay for giveaway,too! :)

  3. thanks for the comments so far :)
    ill be posting the pics of the give away prizes this weekend!!

  4. awesome post! thanks a lot for sharing...

  5. Oooooh ur moving to the tdot u and Christine will have tons of fun! think of moving as a good excuse to feng shui your life of clutter and stuff. It's probably why I move countries every 5 years lol. I'm due a move soon I suspect lol. Dani Orosa

  6. Oh! I love your necklaces! I bought one when I was a vendor at Make it!
    Hope to see you in the spring too!

  7. Sad to see you leave Van but at least the online store will keep going^_^ Soon I will stop being an unemployed student and can buy your pretty creations again.

    Much luck with move and thank you for this awesome raffle opportunity. All the prizes are cute but I want the rose necklace the most!

    Diana Happy

  8. why are you leaving? you're so talented!! are you planning on coming back to Vancouver? or do we suck now? jk.. sad *** i love your beautiful jewelery ! i hope you keep making things so i can drool over them

    ps. i put your necklace on a post on my blog. the deer locket :)

  9. thank you for the comments!!
    miss soo thank you for the post! i love that deer locket <3 i used to make them hedgehogs but i did a deer one for the last locket i had :D

    ok im going to message you all later today (i hope everyones link back work)

    hopefully no one wants the same thing! will ask you for #1 & #2 selections, and country so you can send me the right amount for shipping :D

  10. I love your stuff. It's probably the only necklaces that I wear! My favs are the resin and ball chain pendant necklace with the bird in a cute bird frame and the asymmetrical one!

  11. Is it too late to enter a comment? Meant to do this last night but totally forgot. =( If so no big deal. I've always loved your stuff; I carry your bags all the time. Good luck with the move!

  12. ok! i hope i sent everyone an email. except bubamaca- couldnt link to your blogger profile for some reason. i think it may be your privacy settings.. send me an email through my profile or a message through facebook!

    looking forward to your selections everyone! also there might be some other stuff i throw in your package if it fits. hm. so if you want more (secret surprize) stuff just send more shipping money to cover postage for a bulkier package.

  13. ahoy Nico, i just sent you an e-mail via your profile!

  14. Ahoy Nico! I just sent you an E-mail via your profile. Hope it works!