flower and gemstone necklaces

yay almost got everything for my new design project...
i was hoping id have these ready for italy days tomorrow... oh no i forgot to post my june fair schedule:

june 6- italy days

june 13- ROY G BIV flea market

june 20- car free day on main

ok ill add deets later...

im pretty excited about these. ive been wanting to make them for some time now... all the gemstones match so nicely with the flowers i got... just lovely. makes me wonder why i dont buy beads more often... ive seen some of these flower and bead necklaces with contrasting colored beads and flowers, which i also liked, but im kind of safe and corny and just wanna do matching colors for now.
i need to get toggle clasps in antique brass cos the ones i ordered from the u.s. havent arrived yet :S there are some at kimdoly on denman...wonder if ill make it out there today, have lots to do and then there is a bday i have to go to tonight.
anyway check it out.. im so in love with the color combos i hope the designs will be as nice as i imagine...

New Designs!

here are some of the newly listed necklaces in my online shop and etsy:
click on the image to go to my online shop listing, or if available click on the link below the image to go to the etsy listing....

ok first up. an eiffel tower necklace. surprise! im kidding. i think ive gone paris crazy over the last couple of years. probably due to buying french medal charms in bulk. i told alvaro ok i wont buy anymore paris themed charms but the next day i bought these gigantic eiffel towers! i never seen em so big. oops but how can one resist. the romance of the stereotype that is french. paris to be exact... this gorgeous necklace features oxidized brass charms, a thick long necklace chain, a bit of faux pearl chain, a pink rose and green leaf, some lace... oui oui..


here is a new style of the rusty bird cage necklace! this bird cage necklace features a lovely bit of vintage faux pearl bead chain (cherry brand made in japan, from the 20's!) a gorgeous dusty rose and little green leaf. So pretty and shabby chic!


a clean and crisp flower necklace. large cream colored rose with blue amazonite gemstone beads.. the flower is set onto a thick cast filigree setting... its absolutely gorgeous...


these envelope locket necklaces are available in my online shop right now (not on etsy)
they have been oxidized by me (or they come like that, you can tell buy the finish i think...the diamonds pattern came in the antique gold finish while the other two i did myself)
ive added birds to them, so cute, these birds make the now classic envelope locket so special. a tiny flying bird on one side, or in the case of the floral locket, two nesting birdies on either side...

this lovely design has a vintage black and white cameo of a mother and child (or is it an angel) clustered together with a wonderful 3D rose and leaf charm which i oxidized and finished myself. classic!


this necklace. it may not look like much (i didnt really take a good pic) but this yellow is super amazing. its that kind of acidic yellow. great for adding a splash of color to an otherwise neutral or muted outfit. best part of all its vintage Western German glass beads from the 1950's. this simple necklace goes great with black and white (stripes!) grays and dark colors. it pretty much goes with anything that it goes with, and id say thats a lot! i wore one for a couple of weeks and received endless compliments on it (most of them went like: oh what a great color)

this pretty necklace is one of my favorites at the moment. the details are wonderful. clean and ornate. ornately clean. pretty, feminine and just lovely.
a victorian style hand charm, a teardrop locket stamped with a rose design and a creamy flower charm made myself.


this pretty thing was inspired by all those british historical dramas i love to watch. mainly due to the sets and costumes. boys tend rolls their eyes when its my turn to choose a movie... how can you not appreciate all that detail on their clothing. back in the day it must have been insane. i saw the movie on that poet who died young and his girlfriend. (ugh see i really dont care for their names or anything, i just look at the clothes) anyway yes, the young girlfriend was considered 'fashionable' so it was interesting to see her victorian stylee dresses, glove details, mushroom collars and what not. i like. so this necklace = that. hehe


and an old favorite. busy as a bee, revised. cute. how can you not?

pa dah. there are more. ill be back.