its dreadful that the philippines is struggling to pass a bill on reproductive health. its preety basic.
here is but one news article. most alarming is the comment on why the opposition oppose.
read quickly what the RH Bill is on wikipedia.

there are so many problems with the law, the government and the church. first of all, who still takes what the church has to say and think and make it law? SERIOUSLY!!!!

god i am so mad! and its really early too. more on that later.

the more crap i read about the stew that is manila the worse i feel for being here and not doing anything. what can i do. post on facebook, link articles, post rage on my blog? sheesh. pennies. for my thoughts.

i remember the general mind set of the masa in manila and the provincal mind set. their lack of critical thinking, education and access to basic, proper information freaked me out. no sorry, it still does. it freaks me out. basic services and the feeling of no mans land where no ones got your back so do what you want and have a laugh about it or just plain struggle. dont forget your soft porn tabloid news and church propaganda on the way out. the lewd skewed entertainment people take to heart- voting for their favorite actors and rigorous adherence to chuch law. holy shit. while i was living on an island in palawan, i remember telling a girl my age that if the guy comes in you, you get pregnant. her reaction was disbelief. so was mine. i was baffled. how did she not know this? i thought, surely she is a special case. the only girl in the world who did not know this. one time i brought a friend to the island and we decide to go visit the village "next door". after waling over the mountain to the village we meet a dude who called to us from the shore, asking us if we wanted to buy a couple of lobster he caught. we didnt really feel like lobster so we said no thanks. he persisted and we end up following him home to their 'house' nearby. it was a barely a hut. a shack by the seaside. very small, like one room and a little entrance area which acted like a living room. lots of kids. pressed dirt floor, dusty wood bench, poorly thatched roof, a uniform gray-brown. the small disparate bits of color reveal to be empty plastic bag wrappers or lids of jars.
so were sitting there, their poverty screaming at us. he goes on and tells us his wife and EIGHT children, had no more money, and no rice (shows a very empty large plastic drum with lid) nor did they have any means of income (the dude was trying to sell us 2 lobsters and that wuz it) oh yeah, and the wife was pregnant with her NINTH child, sick with a cold and sore feet, and tending to their youngest sickly child. these parents are young. id say early-mid twenties max. we get to talking with them about their circumstance and find out they have a 'foreign money' bill from some 'unknown' country. he explains that it was 'new' money and that he had his cousin who was going to cebu try to exchange it for pesos, in vain. all the way to cebu and back. they have had this foreign money bill for 2 years. he told us that the bill was given to him by some foreigner as a parting gift. so we ask him where is this strange money? the wife goes and fishes it out of its hiding place. it was a 20 euro bill. my friend and i look at each other, raise our eyebrows and and say we can change that for you. we give them 1,000 pesos for it (cos at that time its what we figure the exchange is) the wife and the oldest kids around are jubilant. the lobster dude is clearly stunned. the wife is tearing up and tells us that she is going to buy a sack of rice. i told her to try and stop having babies. in retrospect that was really insensitive of me (i probably should have told her about the cum instead. she clearly didnt know about that either) we walk back over the mountain to our side of the island in silence. we should have bought the lobster, but if we did we might have finished that transaction and walked away.

this is your everyday story of poverty and babies and hunger on a remote island in the philippines.
please pass the RH bill.

befre i would leave for the island i remember buying lots of tiny chocolates to give away to kids. i should have been buying packets of powdered milk and condoms.

its a slightly different story in the city. slightly different due to circumstance and location but all the same themes exist.

it would be nice to go back home for a few months but im scared to loose my business here. and its not like as if im really pushing to make the coin to be able to accomplish anything. i need to get zapped into awareness. dont you know nicole nothing will happen if you dont do anything?

ok so my stories are dismal and quite bleak but its the fuckin raddest place on earth and its my home. god help us. oh wait. lets keep god out of this. people, save ourselves.

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