new stock at Virgin Marys!

wow i was just over at the pretty freedom blog and it soo good. just wow! makes me ashamed (blushface) at how lazy i am to post pictures. they have edited videos!! ahlavet.

ok i am going to post pics. even in the old posts where i said i would insert pics but never did. wishing myself luck!! (an hour and a half later, yes. i have done it. it wasnt so bad. it just took a while. my leg is asleep, reminding me not to sit so still for so long.)

here are some of the new pieces i brought to virgin marys earlier! lots of earrings. these earrings are perfect "stocking stuffers" the key hole / escutcheon charms and the filigree scrolls beside them are $18 because they are pure brass, hand oxidized and finished by alvaro and i. all the rest of the charm earrings are made of alloy metal and are priced $15 a pair. yay! the silver birds with the swarovski crystals are also $18, while the tiny silver wings and the cicada studs are $10. all in store now at Virgin Marys @ 1136 Commercial Drive.
sweet 'antique' silver flying bird pendant on black chain. $18!
sweet and tiny. mini book locket, key and turquoise glass flower bead.
wicked large wing with tiny flying bird detail <3
regal locket with a crown key and black rose. lovely
all this and more at Virgin Marys @ 1136 Commercial Drive

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