finally its quiet and i can go to bed. sheesh.
or is it.

saw the social network earlier and thought it was ok. that mark zuckermann guy is kind of a jerk. i was looking for interviews and one stood out as exceptionally jerky, which then led me to others, equally pressing in their display of his dickishness. ah well, cant expect to like everyone who makes something you use.

meanwhile ive been trying to sew stuff for the make it fair this november 19-21. and trying to catch up on all the shops that i should have already restocked by now. but about the sewing, im a bit frustrated. my trusty old singer fashion mate 257 is starting to show its years. ive had it adjusted and repaired a few times already. enough to buy a new singer, surely. but its from simons mom! and its solid cast iron or something fierce. half-remembering the indian sewing machine repair guy on main behind budgies (who unfortunately isnt there anymore) telling me that there was a part missing, on the tension dial. found the schematic online for free and the manual i can buy online. earlier i thought it was a goner. it just wasnt working anymore. i thought it was cos i adjusted the bobbin tension to accommodate elastic thread for shirring so i tried to readjust the tensions and totally messed it up more. then i found out it was just dirty, cleaned it and readjusted the tension. worked but then it got messed again after sewing 8 or so pouches. i want to make these skirts i got fabric for so im kind of bummed but will keep fiddling and hope for the best.

ok its super quiet now im pretty sure i can fall asleep yay!
update: 7 mins. later, boom. spoke too soon. ugh

update: i bought ear plugs. uncomfortable wearing them but hey its quiet

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