Blue Owl Home Boutique, Flaming Angels Boutique & Thanksgiving

aiii happy thanksgiving :D
wow had a wonderful roommates thanksgiving turkey dinner with an amazing array of hearty sides stuffins and sauces. soo nice!

our spread...

mmmm. it was the best. i really loved how we all pitched in and came up with this delectable meal. it was truly in the spirit of thanksgiving. *tear* ;D

so since my last post, (gah im such a whiner)

brought new stock to flaming angels on main and 27th! lots of new necklaces :D

 this is Flaming Angels! Its filled with awesomeness. For the alternative in you.

am in a new store in kits! wow its so nice! blue owl home boutique! i cant add enough exclamation points. opening in two weeks. located at 2308 West Broadway corner Vine, its the store front of a heritage looking apartment building. impeccable curation of perfect items for the home. i dont know what its called but good taste. its perfect and everything in there is a treasure.

pics !
 everything in store is for sale (i think there is one thing not for sale)(its very small)
i kinda wanna live in there.. theres an amazing enameled pink and gold chandelier i wouldnt mind hanging over me while i make stuff....
the whole store is very pretty. nostalgic and clean.
 such a nice collection
 sweet tea cups and modern bowls
 finishing touches for the perfect kids room
 here is heather arranging my stuff! :D
 some of the pieces i brought....
 i thought these might be good for christmas outfits...

 wicked fox head on amazing parable card

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