September! yikes. that wuz fast.

hey so im in a new store on main and 27th. its called flaming angels, its the flaming angels girl miriams store! soo cute, great stuff in there!! i tried taking pics of the shop with my phone but i couldnt get the pics on the computer :P

see this album on the fanpage for the pics of the stock i brought to flaming angels:

recently (like a few days ago) brought more stuff to virgin marys!
see this album for the recent stuff i brought:

just earlier sent new stock to pretty freedom.
see this album for the recent stock i sent to toronto:
this week im working on my dream inventory. wow i made a lot of sales at dream last month! more than ive ever made in any store on one check, ever. and that includes the 6 months that barefoot contessa didnt pay me, then paid me in one check, then a sales lady told me i wasnt to sell there anymore! woohoo :) boo them. my stuff rocks and makes loads of money for the shop its in :D
i dont even know how i can top it. i guess i was really impressed with last months check from dream too! i need to make lots of stuff!!

received a bunch of supplies in the mail today. of course i get my supplies right after i finish the 'newest' inventory.

my next charm combo is going to be english. ive done quite a bit of paris / french stuff for a while and now ive found some british stuff ;D made a whole bunch of enameled (painted) brass flower necklaces with bead chain... sent some to toronto and will bring the rest to dream and virgin marys. the colorful ones i sent. wish i had a pic of all of them before sending 4 to toronto. durr.

im tired. its alvaros birthday tomorrow (today) dont know what to do :P got tickets for primus on the 25th but for tomorrow i dont know. plus im broke at the mo. i think i will try really hard to wake up early and make him breakfast before he goes to work. ehem.

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