resin pendants!!!
ive been practicing with some scrabble tiles simes gave me and some pour on resin from opus. i used a bunch of my vintage postage stamp collection. kind of bummed cos i ruined a couple of my favorite ones messing about with them, thinking they were tacky and reresining them then findng out they just hadnt fully dried yet with all the humidity these past days sheesh! good thing the dude i got the stamps from has loads more. and im going to try printing some stuff out. i used some printouts i made a while ago and they are awesome.
so yay! i think ive gotten the hang of it.
just waiting for the screw in loops coming from china ;P

i havent really set up a computer area in my new place so everythings everywhere. kind of makes it easier not to upload pictures :P

more pendant making then the dreaded dentist tomorrow :P
wreck beach on wednesday yay
need to get my ass in gear cos i want new stuff in dream by thursday/friday and also an update to the goods this weekend wee

ok here is a pic of the first batch, the super hard ones.. the ones i thought were bad, then good, are kind of not good after all. kind of soft. i can press into them. maybe one more day? will see.
i printed up a new batch of images i resized and touched up... those pendants are drying now in a box.. hope they will turn out. will find out tomorrow!


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