ive moved!
not to toronto yet though.

today i can say the studio is finally re-set up. but some flow related moving around still needs to be done as the days pass and work gets done.

my stuff is now available in toronto! kensington market. store front of the kapisanan center.
pretty freedom is the name. 

here is great introduction post on their site:

i think christine made their logo ;) im pretty sure she did the kapisanan site too.
heres an old post i dug up when she came to visit way back in 2005, i was all excited and made her a laptop bag, which was really hard to make ;P

there is new stock in virgin marys and dream and new stuff in cest la vie as of last june!
the goods needs an update yikes does it ever.

there is lots to post :S pics. some market pics and new stuff...

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