flower and gemstone necklaces

yay almost got everything for my new design project...
i was hoping id have these ready for italy days tomorrow... oh no i forgot to post my june fair schedule:

june 6- italy days

june 13- ROY G BIV flea market

june 20- car free day on main

ok ill add deets later...

im pretty excited about these. ive been wanting to make them for some time now... all the gemstones match so nicely with the flowers i got... just lovely. makes me wonder why i dont buy beads more often... ive seen some of these flower and bead necklaces with contrasting colored beads and flowers, which i also liked, but im kind of safe and corny and just wanna do matching colors for now.
i need to get toggle clasps in antique brass cos the ones i ordered from the u.s. havent arrived yet :S there are some at kimdoly on denman...wonder if ill make it out there today, have lots to do and then there is a bday i have to go to tonight.
anyway check it out.. im so in love with the color combos i hope the designs will be as nice as i imagine...


  1. Those are so unique, and gogeous! I miss you friend, I hope you are well : )