oh man. i just spent a long ass time adding captions to the new stuff in virgin marys album on my facebook fan page and then forgot to press save! so i tried to do it again but did the same thing omg!!! sheesh they were really detailed captions of all the new designs and even had prices. what a waste. im dreading editing again but will do it again later  :rolls eyes:

heres whats available at Virgin Marys as of today:
  if you can see this album, great!

and this is the new stock i brought in to C'est La Vie! :
theres a new amazing gold plated bird cage with white bead chain and gold rose charm :D
here is the album link

there is a coupon code for the online shop on the fan page.. lasts till the end of june :) will be adding new items tonight! tomorrow all day. i hope it rains. too tired now :) zzzzzz

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