I has a bad speling!

gee man i really should spell check my shop listings before setting them free on live interwebs. gorgeouse. that just made my skin crawl yet there it was, doing its little slither dance behind my eyeballs and under my heart.

anyway, hey ive had some fairs. they are almost all done. blim fair this last sunday of may. im moving to toronto and havent even bought a ticket. which i will, soon. like this week. i think for the first week of june. virgin marys and dream will still carry my stuff which is super great! and im going to ask heather over at the goods too. 

i cant believe its thursday. i need to finish up my inventory for virgin marys i was supposed to bring yesterday. but ill bring it today. i hope gosh its already 4. im so slow this week. oh gee i think i was supposed to pick up my check at dream today too.

will add some pics here later of the peacock earrings ive been imagining for over a month now and one sold at the i heart crafts fair! the first fair they were put out. so stoked. theres that, and a picture of the magazing i was interviewed for. oh yes print edition! plus some of the pics posted in the facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/ITS-YOUR-LIFE-HANDMADE/223517912669 i should add em up here.
anyway, fan us! i sometimes post discount codes on there (which no one ever uses, ehem) but delete them when they are done.

tick tock goes the clock i need to finish my work :S

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