short trip somewhere

ive been looking for a place to go with alvaro for a 2-3 day trip near vancouver. found hellobc to be a pretty good starting point. might need to ask people where to go too cos we dont have a car. but tomorrow tuesday is his day off and i am going to ask him out on a date to the planetarium. i have 60 bucks and it'll only be 30 for the both of us plus transit. i hope it rains. hah.
- insert pictures of us in space suits here - we didnt end up going to the space center. yet. went to stanley park for 6 hours running around the forest and pretending to get lost, dodging pairs of happy men, and made new wildlife creature friends. while we were eating chips i started to notice my, my. how friendly these creatures in stanley park are. this squirrel was alvaros favorite. mine too, in very future retrospect. we named him nibblet. when we go back we might feed the racoon and ducks. real animal food. not mini oreos and potato chips. but i did notice how fluffy nibblets coat is, and assume its from his diet.

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