New Vintage Bird, Owl and Flower Cameos!

been making these cameos... they are pretty sweet!
listed a bunch on etsy. there are way more to list tomorrow. took pics of all the rest of the designs made but accidentally deleted the pics from the camera before uploading them and now its night time so taking pics again is impossible! oh well. meanwhile... check out the ones listed:

click on pics to go to listings.. 25x18mm cameos with owls, birds and flowers... animals to be listed soon...
owls on black plastic cameos... super cool

wicked sandy beige cream cameos with birds. super amazing

flower power
these floral cameos are perfect for your unique jewelry creations.
pink and white flowers on angelskin pink plastic cameos.

gorgeous jewel foil back cameos
topaz with red poppy flowers and daisies

emerald green with red poppy flowers and daisies

frosted blue vintage plastic cameos with an assortment of flower images... these looks best set into an open setting, or a gold or bright silver plated setting.

and a super large mix lot of cameos measuring 25x18mm and one big 30x40mm pink foil back one. the pink one i pretty amazing, i used lots of different flower images layered with a cream and black butterfly...

25x18mm is a popular cameo size. you can easily find settings for this size. perfect for your handmade jewelry making and pendant projects. these cameos will make gorgeous rings and interesting pins.

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  1. wow it look likes the owner of these eggs is a parrot huh, just kidding but those egg shape with amazing different design are really beautiful and fantastic. I want to have one. Tanks for sharing, It was a nice post.