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ok picture first.

its a kingfisher turquoise bead necklace in my etsy shop. im trying it out. i have another one but its not listed yet.
i discovered this new thing with beads and jump rings. well its probably been done and done better by someone else but you know what i mean. its really nice! its actually really nice. i dont know if it translates in the pics. i guess you might have t be ok with a kingfisher bird. or you can wear it with the the backside of the bead (i chose the nice side for the back side,its got a really nice natural pattern which you cant see)

what a crazy couple of days its been.
my site was totally used by some freaks adding malicious content. its all fixed now though. like, really fixed! yikes. scary. poor lias site (webdesigner) had been totally deleted by the hackers. really keeps you on guard. im so relieved lia was able to fix it so quickly! edit: oops the stuff was still on there but my lovely cousin jerome was able to get it all off my site. YAY thanks jerome :D :D :D

you might have (or not) noticed that ive changed my blog template. will slowly readd the links i had on there. now its back to its original linkage from years ago.
there are even little icons that disappeared with all the edits through the years. there are probably a lot of dead links and old abandoned blogs.

ive been thinking of my stuff and how i need to change it up or just figure out if im really going to do this forever. if not, i better get cracking on what i will be doing forever. im turning 31 in may. like, seriously that is majorly old and responsible time.
the studio is looking super amazing. alvaro and i (mostly him) fixed the whole place and now its getting cozier. i dont know if we will move anytime soon. i really want to get in a nicer place but i also dont want to deal with moving again!
ive listed a couple of insane destash jewelry making supply lots on etsy. click on pics to go to listings.
this one is super good:

this one is chain:

local pick up would be perfect for these ehem

here is the new stuff to Dream:

and will bring new stuff to The Goods tomorrow. Alvaro will also bring some of his MuchoMuchacho stuff to The Goods too :D

its super crazy windy rainy today. i will try to list more stuff online. meanwhile im working on my Virgin Marys inventory..

ok im going to try reinventing it all over again, again.

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