New Stock in Virgin Marys!

here is some of the new stuff i brought in earlier. 

brought in one pair of the new image earrings..the only silhouette pair.. im going to make a batch of anchors, bows and silhouettes in different colors for virgin marys and will bring it in mid-next week.
some of the stuff in my online shop is now available at virgin marys. like the sweet escutcheon earrings called "Eternity" in my shop. cute little key holes for your ears... the large rusty bird cage necklace "Summer Song" and the mini bird cage and bird "Cloud Bluff", the charming bird cage and bow necklace "Spring Song" and a longer version of "Lotus Song" hmm lots of singing going on here ;D well there is a lot to be happy about! Sunshine, and lots of it!

check out the new goodies at virgin marys... its at 1136 commercial drive north of charles st... see the facebook fan page!

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