Spring Bling fair this Sunday!

hey im doing this fair on sunday! its on commercial drive and 10th...
come visit!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010
12:00 - 17:00
UNITY YOGA TEAHOUSE - 1672 E 10th / Commercial

ive been really out of it this week. havent been keeping in touch with people i should be keeping in touch with. missed a friend who left for peru. my dads birthday is today and i was supposed to be in manila now (yeah right$$$) ive delayed reorganizing all my stuff and now its friday and theres a fair on sunday gaaahhhh
alvaro suggested today we rent a studio in the new blim building. yay. hes going off on his mens jewelry line and has bought himself a smorgasboard of watch parts for his steampunk ideas.

my fingers are so black and so is my keyboard now :P
ive oxidized a tonne of charms and lockets and am finishing them now.
im getting really inspired to get back selling online. bout time!

before oxidizing:

after oxidizing:

sanding and brushing before varnishing:

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