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ok im giving etsy another go and filling it up with random stuff.
you can find a wide variety or super great deals on jewelry and necklace making supplies in my etsy shop (stuff like vintage cameos, intaglios, filigrees, bead chains, mixed charm and pendant lots)
and i am now selling some sample jewelry designs in there!
dont wanna list stuff in my online store that im not even sure if people will like cos there is way more steps involved listing items in my own online shop and ive been lazy but lets try selling samples.. itll just make me wanna fill up my shop with really nice stuff with good pics blah blah and here is my stuff on etsy:
click on images to go to the etsy listings
very sweet vintage style lockets necklace~ !! super tiny lockets- a 3 page book and a mini heart matched with a caged key. just the perfect size for everyday cuteness! its $35:

a simple black rose necklace for $25 :D its great for everyday casual wear!

this hummingbird cameo necklace.. features a vintage orange / carnelian colored vintage resin cameo. an alloy feather and a hand oxidized brass hummingbird charm. its only $28! :D click on pic to go to listing:

this hummingbird necklace features an oxidized brass round locket with hearts on it. good size for small photos :D it also has a lovely vintage style matte black flower... for $30. click on image to go to listing:

this drop dead gorgeous cameo necklace with bow and black bead chain. ouch its so nice i swear... all this gorgeousness for $45:

and this amazing compass necklace! it has a sweet little ship locket and super detailed mermaid charm... this unique design is yours for $45:

ok have you seen these cameos i decorated? they are super cute. tbth i didnt decorate these ones, alvaro did. with my instruction heehee. a deer cameo, a bunny cameo, a squirrel cameo and some mice. there are also 22mm round hedgehog cameos. there were other animals (namely badgers) but those are sold now. funny cos i thought no one would like the badgers but there you go. the first ones sold out. and there also some floral ones. maybe just one kind now though.
click on pics to go to listings.
cute little hedgehog cameos

here are the mice

our furry soft pal, a bunny rabbit

here is the classic cute bambi type deer

this squirrel loves the flower bed

here are the 13 x 18 mm floral cameos

what about these mixed lots?
i used to sell mixed lots of de-stash supplies on my blog before. a while ago.. those ones were jam packed with stuff.. i was getting lots of free stuff and buying lots of stuff then. that was fun... and there is still lots of that stock around.
some of which are in these mixed lots! you can try and make your own version of its your life stuff hehe...
click on pics to go to listings :D

this lot features retro chic pink and gold metal and enamel shank buttons, a super long brass ball chain necklace with a huge gold plated round snake type design pin as a pendant, two vintage enameled yellow bow pins and vintage aged brass novia pins (both have loops/a hole on the bottom for attaching another charm) and some other cool stuff... all for $8 ! right? :D

this is a huge mixed lot. huge, lots, loads of charms, pendants, theres a rose intaglio, vintage moveable lie detector charms, cameos, beads, nice :D

omg! ok so alvaros gonna go and start up his own jewelry line right. he sourced forever to find the coolest stuff. he goes and opens up his music website and links his newly opened etsy shop. he does a quick search and finds someone selling the exact same charm pendants he is going to sell. only thing is they are selling it for an AMAZINGLY high profit, and one of their 'handmade' items even made it to the front page!! omg!! hahaha alvaro is kind of annoyed!!! i mean they are selling stuff for about 100$ when alvaro was worried no one would buy it at 25$ !!! haha oh man and now he is all fussy about how they can misrepresent items as 'handmade' when they just bought the pendants from the same place he is getting them from. would you sell something for $25 when you know you can sell it for $100 ????
check out alvaros etsy shop! hes listed a robot necklace for $30


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