new stuff in shop!

ok ive uploaded 3 new designs to my online shop. i figured the etsy sample sale section isnt really working. well, i sold one necklace and have a pretty good clue as to which ones people like now, but i might as well just put em into my shop. duh. maybe ill have some on etsy too. idk.

ok so here are the designs:

this one needs a new title!!! 'the freedom bird cage necklace' sounds long and weird.
mabe something shorter. like bird cage flight. or something. yeah...

this is a new design... the only one, cos i dont have any more of these tea stained roses... i dont knw if it translates on screen, but its crazy pretty in real life...

this one is the old favorite, sparrow in flight, but this time around its oxidized and long

-edit- ive uploaded more now! just gotta get the pics up on ze blog...
check it out:

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