smokey quartz, mermaid, vintage ship cameo and compass necklace

im in love this design :D the varying shades of the natural smokey quartz beads and their slight difference in size with the two fluted glass beads makes the bead chain look tattered, chunky and uneven and raw and natural. should probly have taken a pic on plain white to show the shades of gray. chose the smokey quartz to go with the gray of the rare vintage western german glass cameo. the mermaid charm has been oxidized, sanded and varnished, like the charm on the back of the compass.

so its in my shop. am going to just give up on trying to compartmentalize where i put what stuff where and for how much. its causing me undue stress ha ha. i marked down my etsy sample sale necklaces. the ones ill put in my shop and have in stores are retail though.

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