philippine elections may 2010

ok wait a second why the feck is erap estrada running for president again? because he can?? what a freaking joke! gloria arroyo pardoning erap after 6 weeks of being found guilty of plunder is one of the biggest WTFs in philippine history. arroyo and erap: i command you two to go to uranus and have alien children.
i am terribly disheartened to read any comments from 'erap as president' supporters. they really freak and stress me right out!
i have no idea who i will vote for president. no idea on the senators yet either. but i sure do know ill be voting for jun yasay as vice president! he rocked the erap impeachment trials and was named one of the business week 50 stars of asia because of it. he is by far the most stand up and articulate candidate. and ok maybe he is an uncle of mine.
but come on. erap, running? makes me sick. SIIICCKKK!!!! and what is up with the multitude million misinformed, confused people who want to vote for him? god save us!

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