whew! that wuz fast

januarys ending! we are in the future!

so far ive restocked the following shops:

-virgin marys
-the goods
-cest la vie
-barefoot contessa

and now its time to restock virgin marys again!

this months been pretty rough. used all the cash i made during christmas to pay off my visa. then used the rest of the money to buy supplies. i needed a major restock! then alvaros job fired him on december 26 cos he didnt want to work overtime for christmas (is that even legal) so hes been working for me in jan. not very sustainable! though i really want it to be...however much we hope it would be...
we had to resort to the food bank accessible to alvaro...which was freakin awesome! i mean the food bank gave us so much food. one super stuffed bag of fresh veggies and one crazy full bag of groceries. each! for a week. and nice groceries too like organic strawberry yogurt cereal and brown rice choco treats, granola bars and mac and cheese (i never buy these) staple cans of beans and tuna, 4 gatorades? and quite a bit more. the 4 pounds i lost this month, i probably gained it all back in one food bank day.
basically its been really hard (well not that hard in comparison to like what, 80% of the worlds population geesh) but anyway im so glad january is over. thank god ive restocked the shops to infinity and now im pretty sure we wont bank on the food bank again. yikes. but man i love food bank food.

moving along...
have you joined the its your life facebook fanpage?
its been pretty fun for me! ive been updating it with pictures of the shops and actual designs in the shops. i left it totally open so even if you dont have a facebook you can look around (i think)

i wish i could post my new designs in my online shop as quickly! but all the photoshop recoloring and resizing takes away from the spontaneity. i dunno. just lazy i guess. which doesnt really help me now does it.

oh yeah another thing about joining the fan page is that there are discount codes on there for the online shop.
speaking of which i have set aside some pieces for valentines day which i should upload, pronto! yikes still cant believe its the end of january already.

but back to the fanpage, im pretty stoked on how easy it is. it would be great if people uploaded pics of themselves wearing the stuff i make. maybe that could be a contest for the future..but i guess only to facebook users. kind of lame. hmm. oh yeah the newsletter. i remember spending quite a few hours compiling all the newsletter emails and never did send out the letter! gee um hey, told you i wouldnt spam you. like, totally never hear from me even. heh.

ok this is long and boring. im so boring these days. where has my energy gone. when i look at my old posts (like years ago) i was a blog posting frantic manic! i wanna be like that again, on my website. dont it always seem to go that you dont know what youve got till its gone.

anyway i never got around to *inserting the pics anywhere*
so ill just link the fanpage again. im so lazy!! its almost bedtime, i cant help it!

fan me!
its so hot.

oh wait! heres a pic. its the new flyer alvaros designing for me...

isnt it nice :D all i need now is that elusive bio...

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