new stuff in new places!

hey i brought some stuff to TheGOODS on broadway, cest la vie on main st, and room6 in deep cove, north van!
yup! (insert the gazillion pics i took, here, later)
oh yeah! i havent even blogged about the new store im in! its called room6
gaaahhh its SO NICE! room6 is in deep cove, north van! might i also mention room6 is a mecca for teh cute. zakka. stuffies. cards. undies. ceramics. art. clothing. accessories. jewellery. local amazingness. imported amazingness. omg, like, totally. i mean it! i know there are some IYL customers up there as ive sent packages to yous through the years... but duudes... getting there on public transit is ... but we wanted to go on a day date and we did! alvaro came so we could 'go kayaking' and 'maybe take a nap' (both did not happen as it is 'Winter Time')

man is it nice out there. we are going to go back to deep cove for some extra curricular activities when it gets sunnier.

aaannnnd im finally finishing up all the new designs for Dream!
finally!!!! gleep :S
(i just found a spool of chain i forgot i bought) (fixing the studio has major rewards)

might i also add i am now selling on Etsy again.
Supplies! Come buy them!

they are so unique, reasonable and super amazing, as usual!

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