its the blim monthly market!!

Blim Monthly Community Market

Blim will be presenting a monthly Main Street Community Market this month to take place back inside @ the Cambrian Hall on Main and 17th. across from Blim.

This Months market will include 30 vendors, music, hot food, beverages, and entertainment. Vendors will include food, fashion, accessories, supplies, fine art, vintage items and records, and not be limited to crafts, and there will be a focus on nurturing and promoting creative production in our community. We want to appeal to young, old, hip, plain, babies, animals, men, women, everyone.

We are very excited about this event and what it can contribute to Main Street’s artistic vitality, and how it can help support and encourage the local creative community.

November Market will feature:

Exclusive @ BLIM:

Coco Cake (cupcakes)
Darwin Meyers ( vintage vinyl )
Angelus Novus (modern and vintage jewellery )
Blim (clothing and accessories)
Open Sesame (homemade gourmet japanese cuisine)
Robinson Fine Foods ( gourmet foods)

also featuring:

It's Your Life (jewellery)
Mary Kim (art)
Christina Kenton (small art and vegan baked goods)
Momoko Murakami (pottery)
Baby Elephant (cards and accessories)
Sassy Vintage (clothing)
NEW Museum of Vancouver (Art)
Bianca Barr (jewellery)
NEW Gloria Shum (baked goods)
NEW Bliss in a Teacup (accessories)
Shannon Munro (jewellery and felted bunnies)
Georgie Russell (clothing)
Jewelled Peach Designs (Jewellery)
Good Girl Bead Girl (jewellery)
Dava Carter (jewellery)
Sabbatical (clothing)
NEW Gonk (accessories)
NEW W.E.S.T. (accessories)
Katie Beaton (handmade hoods)
Matt Watson ( art)
NEW Prophecy Sun ( hand sewn little kitties)
C'est la Vie ( vintage)
NEW Anna Drengson ( Jewellery )
NEW Purple Cat Desings (accessories)
Kila Kitu Clothing -

with Home-made japanese food by Open Sesame!

me at the yelp event!

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come to the make it fair later today/tonight!!!!!

C'est La Vie on Main Street

Come see some stuff I brought over to C'est La Vie over at 3247 Main St. at 16th Ave. They have a website at!


Wow there is a nice selection of well priced clothing! Faustine the owner is such a cool lady. Really gorgeous vintage and well picked thrift. Hats, coats, tops, denims, dresses lots. Perfect condition.
I didnt take pics. But I will next time! I wanna get a new winter coat...

meanwhile... go check it out its the chic pink and black shop on Main at 16th... their website has lots of pics and info too!

New Designs in shop!

yay ahh
new necklaces in shop... please come check outie :D
(edit march 2010! hello there! some of these designs are now on sale!! click on images to go to listings)

use this coupon code for free shipping: FREEBLOGSHIPS

click on images to go to the shop listings...
this is such a cute owl locket necklace. i have oxidized the wicked brass box chain, locket and mini owl to a perfect antique finish.

cameo lockets with gemstones! so pretty and feminine without being too girly.
this one features a vintage blue roses cameo and blue amazonite gemstone beads.

this one has the sweetest vintage holly hobbie cameo and green adventurine gemstone beads...

then i made these double set vintage postage stamp necklaces. i think they are so nice. the illustrations on the stamps are perfect. these are all one of a kind. the stamps are encased in a vintage beveled plastic.

this one is of a green viking type ship stamp, and i have added a vintage mini locket which i affixed a skull and a brass sailboat charm. the charms have been hand oxidized for a nice antique finish.

this ones got this weird character that looks wicked. i thought its red and green colors were appropriate for the up coming christmas season gift ideas.

this ones a lovely peachy princess wishing at a well...

then there is this set of 3 beaded vintage cameo pieces. i used Czech Renaissance beads. the beads are gorgeous and have a lovely luster to them.
this one is of a lady in waiting... pinkish rose gold beads

here the lady found a gent and they chat about oh dogs and poems and plays and parties, the girl loves it...
the color if the beads are this darkish greenish blueis with a luster and some kind of mottled spots...

here they are already in a loving embrace, or rather the dude is all up on her..
here the beads are purple but look bronze due to the luster, such a nice sheen...

displays and a halloween pic

um, the fair last was completely terrible. i think i made negative 40 bucks. WTF and i was all ooohhh!!!! i got into portobello west! lame. if i get accepted to do the other shows i think i will just say no, thanks, really id rather save my money... but!! gosh did i go off making lots of really nice stuff and crazy displays. it was the whole allure of being a 'big deal' kind of fair, but there were more people that came to buy stuff at the blim and gotcraft fairs...but hey, i bought a little shelfie thingy for my bags even... much better...
pics of my table and some of the displays i made out of foamcore and lace paper:

and here are the back sides:

alvaro came and helped me all week that week, and he even came to the fair and styed with me all day. its just too bad it was such a bad day to make money. so tired afterwards and so disappointed.

alvaros costume for halloween. we bought it from noel, yuriko from blims husband, one fair day ;D no good pics of my costume. i think i look kinda lame so ill pass on posting. i dressed as a victorian/steam punk mad scientist.