Hello lovely people :D

Its Your Life wil be in the Got Craft mini edition this Sunday (the 12th)
Date: Sunday, 12 July 2009
Time: 11:00 - 16:00
Location: Little Mountain Gallery
Street: 195 E. 26th Avenue (at Main Street)
Town/City: Vancouver, BC

and then the Car Free Festival along Main next Stunday (the 19th)
its at BLIM, we'll all be out on the street at 17th ave.

i have a new sewn product. backpacks! they are nice. my sewing machine is kind of totally messed up and needs service. so these backpacks are even more special cos with the machine breaking down constantly and me readjusting it and rethreading it, it took me about 4-5 hours each backpack! omg. plus making and testing the pattern. need to get the machine fixed and it should take way less time and if i had a production line with the serger.

so i moved to a new place in june right, well were looking for another place again cos my property manger is completely mental. like, insane. like racist and psycho and violent and hostile. like, for serious. ill write where it is and this guys name, after we move (again) *groanhands* but we could really do better find a nicer spot to settle into, so thats ok. but shit. how annoying. weve filed a dispute resolution against him and have a telephone hearing date next month. maybe one day i will post his letters. they are pretty classic in the bad bad no no category. like, i could sue him for violating my human rights.

yeah. so now that weve semi settled in, ive been trying to make stuff, and recover from landlord problems and now were trying to find another place. gak. come to the fairs ive trying to make more new styles. quality stuff :D