displays and a halloween pic

um, the fair last was completely terrible. i think i made negative 40 bucks. WTF and i was all ooohhh!!!! i got into portobello west! lame. if i get accepted to do the other shows i think i will just say no, thanks, really id rather save my money... but!! gosh did i go off making lots of really nice stuff and crazy displays. it was the whole allure of being a 'big deal' kind of fair, but there were more people that came to buy stuff at the blim and gotcraft fairs...but hey, i bought a little shelfie thingy for my bags even... much better...
pics of my table and some of the displays i made out of foamcore and lace paper:

and here are the back sides:

alvaro came and helped me all week that week, and he even came to the fair and styed with me all day. its just too bad it was such a bad day to make money. so tired afterwards and so disappointed.

alvaros costume for halloween. we bought it from noel, yuriko from blims husband, one fair day ;D no good pics of my costume. i think i look kinda lame so ill pass on posting. i dressed as a victorian/steam punk mad scientist.


  1. That's too bad! You make such beautiful jewelry! I was thinking of opening my own etsy shop with necklaces & charms that I handmake. You've inspired me!

  2. hi! thanks :D thats awesome! ...you should go ahead and do it! its great to make your own stuff!
    ahh you look great btw! your blog is pretty rad