New Designs in shop!

yay ahh
new necklaces in shop... please come check outie :D
(edit march 2010! hello there! some of these designs are now on sale!! click on images to go to listings)

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click on images to go to the shop listings...
this is such a cute owl locket necklace. i have oxidized the wicked brass box chain, locket and mini owl to a perfect antique finish.

cameo lockets with gemstones! so pretty and feminine without being too girly.
this one features a vintage blue roses cameo and blue amazonite gemstone beads.

this one has the sweetest vintage holly hobbie cameo and green adventurine gemstone beads...

then i made these double set vintage postage stamp necklaces. i think they are so nice. the illustrations on the stamps are perfect. these are all one of a kind. the stamps are encased in a vintage beveled plastic.

this one is of a green viking type ship stamp, and i have added a vintage mini locket which i affixed a skull and a brass sailboat charm. the charms have been hand oxidized for a nice antique finish.

this ones got this weird character that looks wicked. i thought its red and green colors were appropriate for the up coming christmas season gift ideas.

this ones a lovely peachy princess wishing at a well...

then there is this set of 3 beaded vintage cameo pieces. i used Czech Renaissance beads. the beads are gorgeous and have a lovely luster to them.
this one is of a lady in waiting... pinkish rose gold beads

here the lady found a gent and they chat about oh dogs and poems and plays and parties, the girl loves it...
the color if the beads are this darkish greenish blueis with a luster and some kind of mottled spots...

here they are already in a loving embrace, or rather the dude is all up on her..
here the beads are purple but look bronze due to the luster, such a nice sheen...


  1. These are great necklaces. Very intricate and creatively crafted.

  2. why thank you sincerely, personal injury lawyer.
    if anyone gets harmed with any of my necklaces maybe they can come read this and find you.