ok WTF my freaking website has been hacked!
fuckin loser hackers filled it up with 'viagra for women' links. WTF WTF WTF how annoying.

luckily though it looks like thats all they did, spam. they cant really do anything in there anyway but god damnit is it annoying i have to delete all these freaking sex pill links? what the crap! totally changed my password into this freaking long ass complicated thing. and i just found out that i need to ask lia my web designer if she can install the new security patch zen cart has come up with.

update: omg! the the sex pill spam hacker came back and commented on my shop blog!!! HAHAHAH what a loser these people are. i guess this is their 'real' job. harrassing people and annoying them and trying to make themselves feel important. WHAT A JOKE!
they are probly really socially inept and ugly and cant hold a normal real job.
(i am so mean)

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