1. new place, twice.

2. got craft june 14 at the little mountain studios, andrea will be selling my stuff for me.

3. car free day june 14 ill be at blim on main and 17th. hmm alvaro is supposed to make food.

4. need to update my site like super crazy hello. features, and should be posting flyers of fairs on that blog section.

5. we have no furniture and i havent finished setting up my studio areas. its carpeted and in the living room.

6. i rewatched donnie darko but its the directors cut which i thought was kinda weird, i think i liked the original better.. anyway i watched it again cos im gonna watch s. darko and didnt want to lose the thread cos i hadnt seen donnie darko in a couple years.. but then i checked out message boards and reviews on it and i guess i shouldnt have done that yet. but im gonna watch it later and hope its not so bad as they say. >>>>>EDIT: its was pretty bad like a teenage movie so we stopped watching after like 20 mins of asking each other if we really wanted to watch the whole thing <<<<<

7. all sewn items in my shop are a crazy 50% off till the end of the year. i have more to put up and they are all going on sale cos i wanna make messengery bag style bags again. if you bought something sewn in the past month and are bummed just ask for free shipping.

8. i am going to sell one of my blythe dolls. i think best is gonna go. velvets got all her make up scrubbed off by me. lets see though.

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