mannnn ok i gotta get to work.
so i uploaded a couple new necklaces in my shop. they are lovely and i would keep them for myself.
but i keep fudging up on the pics uploading. gotta fix that.

so this weekend, on the 14th which is SUNDAY i am doing 2 fairs. Andrea of GotCraft is going to be selling some of my stuff for me at the GOTCRAFT fair at Little Mountain Studios while ill be over on Main St. for the Car Free Day at BLIM. I always used to do the car free day on commercial drive with amber at virgin mary's but now she is beside the portuguese club and she told me they have a sausage pit going on for the duration of the festival. and its a hundred dollars to set up outside (your own) shop-it was free before. so as not to smell like sausages ill be at blim. also alvaro is going to make some food for eating (at blim)

flat broke right now. i am. lazy. need to get into more shops and make more stuff but i am lacking supplies like gold chain. looks like ill be oxidizing charms like crazy and trying different stuff.

so now i gotta get back to work. i think i need to make around 120 pieces of jewelry. id love it to be more, though. but i wonder if i can do it. 40 for barefoot contessa so i can pick up a check, 30 for andrea, 50 for me at blim.

last week we went to the peaches concert which was so freaking rad and then starved for like, 2 days. heh

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