ok i edited the last post. gah what a freak i am sometimes.

ok so a few weeks ago i had a dream of a rat crossing right in front of me.
see sometimes i sit outside my front door with this laptop..and im in the alley, and there are yeah. rats. in the alley. gross right?
anyway my dream, i had one of a rat crossing right in front of me while i was sitting on the step there on my laptop, and THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED EARLIER. it was real calm like and still, you know? it was quiet and as i noticed the rat walking by me i noticed this atmosphere of calm awareness. the rat was just out for a mini stroll, and i just happened to be there too. frik. to top it all off the little guy LOOKED AT ME as he passed by. if he had a hat, he wouldve tipped it.

so here is another DREAM COMING TRUE.

ugh. i need to have better dreams.

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