omg! i forgot to make a blog post for GOT CRAFT! yikes! it was yesterday.
i shared a table wih jamie again!
i have some pics so i will post them up later.

my birthday was on Friday and now i am 30 freaking years old. old ey?

i also have a new boyfriend! yeah! he is so amazing, like woah and hello, im blogging about him ok. hmm hes mexican, really super tall, and romantic but also manly and feminine, and what a super sense of humor. his name is Alvaro. i think i love him!

oooh there is also NEW STUFF AT VIRGIN MARYS as of last week.
im bringing new stuff to barefoot contessa in a day or two.

later this afternoon i have an appointment at a shop, so i hope i get into it and if i do i will post cartwheels and more pics.


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