i dont think i ever posted pics of Barefoot Contessa? anyway. gee. this is the commercial drive location! theres a bunch of new stuff i put in there as of a week or so ago! i also have stuff in their main street location... that is eva the owner and her cute baby and christina the shop girl:

this is the jewelry display...ooohhhh so much nice stuff ,but of course mine is the nicest :D it's your life stuff located in the first display case you can see it through the front window :D

and im sure i havent posted pics of Dream Apparel & Articles for People aka Dream.. this is the gastown location. some new stuff in there as of a couple weeks ago. there should also be some stuff in the granville island location...


  1. your jewelry is really cute! i'm definitely checking out your website. good luck with your craft!

  2. thanks so much sarah!

    gah... i need to add more stuff to my shop.