2 new pieces in shop

im gonna take pics of a ship necklace and mini owl locket earrings for the shop! YEOW!
that means there will be 2 more items by later. oh yes.

yay! i did it. wasnt so bad actually. forgot how i used to do it soooo fast. gosh. ive gotten real lazy with uploading, resizing and recoloring.

click on pics to go to listing. these are cheap. cos i need cash money sex in expensive cars.... etc..............(that last bits part of a lyric mmmk)

these little owl earrings are freakin sweet k.

this. i like it toooooooo


hmm. now that its all done i wish i took more pics earlier. gonna do more tomorrow.

shucks now i have that dan black track in my head.
'finally someone rapping bout blunts and broads, tits and bras, menage-a-trois, sex in expensive cars....'

newestwrinkle. i marked down the filigree locket and now im getting all these clicks on it and the kissing kids necklace. which i should take down or mark up. its making me self conscious. gah pricing.
i want to live in something that looks like this

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