earth day, Swap-o-rama-rama! and Blim monthly market, GotCraft

so this month i volunteered to do a tutorial project for earth day at metrotown on the 18th. my project will be how to iron plastic bags and make them into a sturdy zippered pouch. for your coins, doggie bags etc.

on the 19th im volunteering at the swap o rama rama at the Heritage Hall on Main St. its a wicked event and what you need to do is bring a bag of clothes and $5 and there are DIY sewing stations and the volunteers will be giving tips and advice and tutorials on how to sew and alter the cloths you swapped. yay!

then on the 26th is the Blim monthly market! Im doing this one every month.
And the the GotCraft is on May 3 and im doing that one every month too.

whew. hopefully ill have a few more pieces up on my site by the second week of april.
im also trying to get stuff made for dream. i want my stuff in there cos the saleslady, she thinks itd go in there real easy. i took a picture of her at the prom cos she was dressed so fine (and she seemed really familiar... she was at the last blim fair :D she makes these cool leather bow necklaces... yeah hmm...
i also wanted to bring more stuff to barefoot and virgins. just to have lots.

what i have been avoiding is oxidizing. angela from now has her own jewlery studio! (if you need to rent a smithing bench and want to have a studio, this is who to go to!) shes letting me bring my toxic cyanide gold plating stuff there as they are ventillated and well equipt. gonna bring all the toxic chemical stuff there. so i havent done any oxidizing yet. i want to do this this week. will post pics of the studio too.

on the personal side of things it seems like all kinds of shit has been piled on me since late last year but this weekend has been monumental in change. for calmer sailing. thank goodness cos now that i feel more centered, working tends to be much easier. all it took was me mentally freeing myself from the losers i was chaining my thoughts to (with a bit of help from lady gossip and brother alcohol.) then the next day like magic, an old and very close to my heart friend got back in touch with me. an unexpected and much welcome gift. with a clean slate i can see the patterns reemerge and the world goes back to cosy. just the way i like it.

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