its saturday!

im doing the SWAP MEET at the biltmore cabaret tomorrow!

yup. im making stuff today then in the late afternoon i guess ill be working on costumes. cos im NOT going to this: http://midforms.wordpress.com/. hmmm. so many events tonight id like to check out. theres also the antisocial 7 year anniversary at the biltmore tonight. gee.

im on the computer too much. and i dont even do anything productive.
gonna be switching from facebook and random search to mapping and shop upkeep.
oh yes. i can do dis.

so making stuff for the swap meet!!!! i hope itll be ok i mean were meant to have a party the night before. its only 5 hours. ill bring other stuff too. oh maybe i can bring my bike i wanna sell. and my 2 slr cameras. ? do i want to sell those?
mmmmmm. i dunno. i havent used them in years though. maybe i will bring a blythe doll too. omg! ok this is too much sentiment to process. my made in Yugoslavia bike called Rapido, and the cameras. No blythe.

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